Australia Market Group 2 Kart Trailer $3,750 - Esperance, Western Australia Great trailer, Fits 2 senior...

Discussion in 'Karting, ATV, UTV and Accessories' started by Jason Rhodes, Feb 24, 2018.

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  1. Jason Rhodes

    Jason Rhodes Guest

    2 Kart Trailer
    $3,750 - Esperance, Western Australia

    Great trailer, Fits 2 senior karts, trolleys and all gear comfortably
    Extras include deep cycle battery, led internal lights, inverter, 12v and 240v power outlets and fully insulated inside
  2. Matt Durdin

    Matt Durdin Guest

    Brock Durdin
  3. Ivan Zloich

    Ivan Zloich Guest

    Is this the beginning of the end Jase
  4. Mark Jewell
  5. Interested any chance you can send some more pics of the inside?
  6. Gavin Sumich

    Gavin Sumich Guest

    Daniel Hellbusch
  7. Mathew Cole

    Mathew Cole Guest

    Paul Dean
  8. Nathan McQuilkin
  9. Scott Veen

    Scott Veen Guest

    Dylan Bamford
  10. Interested Dwayne Gordon. Next in line please.
  11. Taylah White

    Taylah White Guest

    Brodie Preen
  12. Simon Minton
  13. Lewis Reid

    Lewis Reid Guest

    Graham Reid
  14. John Ray

    John Ray Guest

    Matthew Laughton
  15. Darren Starcevich
  16. Treva Beck

    Treva Beck Guest

    I will buy it off you Jason just might take a while to get money together like when I have lotto win
  17. Pete Dupagne

    Pete Dupagne Guest

    Is this still available?
  18. Samuel Jewell ... tag Nathan Tester
    If you can get it to PERTH I will take it!!!!
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