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Discussion in 'Karting, ATV, UTV and Accessories' started by Emma Massey, Feb 24, 2018.

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  1. Emma Massey

    Emma Massey Guest

    Can someone please point me in the right direction for a strike start battery without paying a fortune. Are the eBay ones any good? Been sold a dud starter it spins but when connected to the kart it hasn’t the guts to start it. Getting rather fed up of being done over by the karting community, as newbies its really putting us off. One very upset 10 year old all geared up this morning and we couldn’t start him up ☹️ wish people would be more honest! It’s not just about the money, but we could have got a new battery before today if been told, it’s the disappointment for my son that’s most upsetting ☹️
  2. Sounds like the battery needs replacing.
  3. I bought on last week from battery world in rockingham. Gel type 140$.
    What motor have you got on the kart
  4. Paul Knowles

    Paul Knowles Guest

    It sounds more like the starter itself may need brushes in it. If it spins freely off kart and fails under load i would get starter checked by auto electrician.
  5. Emma contact us we will help you. Don’t get done over by people
  6. Dave Bird

    Dave Bird Guest

    Emma, any advice sms use next time.
  7. Rob Harkins

    Rob Harkins Guest

    Quality and cheap do not ever go hand in hand a decent battery will set ya back about $140
  8. Emma Massey

    Emma Massey Guest

    Got a new battery, the one we were sold was dead, battery world tested it for me. ☹️ Thanks all
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